What’s Stopping You From Living the Life you Crave?


You deserve to find your own personal growth journey towards love and acceptance to start leading a healthy life. Overcome the chase for perfectionism with rigid diet rules and body ideals, and recognize everything you need is right in front of you.


Meet Mandi

I’m not just another nutrition expert telling you the “secrets” on how to lose weight fast by counting every calorie and giving up the foods you love.

I live for helping women become renegades to every damn rule and expectation thrown their way so they can live their best lives. You know ‘em. The food and ‘perfect’ body rules. The mom and wife rules. The “you have a baby now, who the hell do you think you are wanting to go on a girls weekend, climb the corporate ladder, go to spin class…” or the 9,687 other things you aren’t supposed to do now. Well, F that! I want you to know wholeheartedly that you’re a badass who deserves to cultivate the life you crave by following your dreams and passions to thrive every freaking day.


Nutrition Programs

Personalized nutrition programs to help you appreciate the present and stop losing perspective during your chase for perfection. Heal your relationship with food and discover why a healthy life is not defined by dieting or your size…it’s everything else around you that matters the most.