You are uniquely beautiful and deserve to have deep self love and confidence. It's time to ditch the rigid diet rules and perfectionist ideals so that you can create a life you love.


I’m Just a Mom Who Loves

Craft Beer and House Music!

I'm Mandi, a Dietitian, wife, and mama of 2 kids and 2 bulldogs. I’m kinda obsessed with all things craft beer, Nordstrom, spinning and shrimp & grits. Most nights (after schlepping kids everywhere), I can be found watching The Real Housewives and double fisting: cold beer in one hand and bowl of Cheez-Its in the other.

You too? Awesome, we’re spirit animals! Lets have a few virtual beers together, laugh as we try new dance moves (you Floss?) and talk all things Housewives.

I spent most of my years oblivious to all the beauty life has to offer. Instead I focused so much energy on seeking perfection in everything, especially my body. This lead to years of disordered eating, the inability to foster meaningful relationships and no way in hell living the life I so badly craved. Instead I lived in a shit storm of constant disappointment, guilt, hiding and was left with zero self-confidence and zero sense of self-worth. After hitting rock bottom and almost losing everything, I decided I no longer wanted to lean on my eating disorder for comfort and enough was enough. It was time to take my life back and rewrite all the rules (insert badassery here)!


Life Is Beautifully Messy

Everything happens for a reason. Do you believe it?

It’s so difficult to find purpose when bad things happen. I’ve been through plenty of shit storms that I could write a book juicier than Fifty Shades. It sounds cliche but looking back through all the pain it’s clear everything truly does happen for a reason. Power lies within the choice to grow from the pain and throw shade at the negativity. Every single shitty thing has led me here: stronger each day and focused on living my best life.

Now, I’m sharing the truths that broke me free of pain to help you live a life free from perfectionism and empowering you to embrace who you are and live life to the fullest. By recognizing that true beauty lies within and we aren’t defined by our weight or appearance, we can be set free.

We can’t control everything that happens and life will never be perfect, but we can trust that each experience will shape us and guide us to unstoppable badassery.



Life isn’t perfect, and that’s OK! Stop chasing perfectionism, obsessing about food and your body. Refocus that energy on your dreams and desires. Discover your spark and pump up your legacy.


You Deserve to Put Yourself First:

Whether you're busy taking care of your family or building a career, you deserve to make your personal growth a priority. Recognize that you are worthy of leading a healthy lifestyle.

Control Isn't Everything:

Free yourself from the mindset of restrictive diets and the need to attain a perfect body that society has imposed upon you. Appreciate the beauty in every mess and trust in yourself.

Always Keep It Real:

There's no one better to want to be than yourself. Embrace your authentic self and discover what's true for you.

True Beauty Lies Within:

Stop defining your value by weight or appearance. There's no need to restrict your life by following rigid diet rules, you are so much more than any number on the scale.

Embrace Your Growth Journey:

It's not about attaining perfection. Recognize your inner strength and allow your own journey to unfold.

Everyday is An Opportunity to Live:

Appreciate everything you have in front of you. Make every moment count with the experiences and energy you allow into your life.


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