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Welcome to The Healthy Confident Mom Show, the authentic, unfiltered, party in your ears podcast on all things nutrition, weight loss, mindset, confidence, mothering, and marriage.  Yep, I talk about “all the things”. Hi, I’m Mandi Knowles, Registered Dietitian, wife, mama and lover of craft beer and house music. I’m on a mission to help every mom live healthy, confident and strong so you can slay each day with Next Level Momfidence™.  Discover empowering tips and tricks that are rooted in science and realistic for the everyday mom to help you break free from restrictive dieting and mom guilt to uncovering next level self love and confidence so that you can live your best life.

It’s going to get REAL on this show.  Expect some swearing and lots of humor as my guests and I share personal stories, struggles and slayments (moments we are killing it).  Get inspired, grow stronger and experience all-the-feels as you become Momfident AF.