Where All My Ladies At Who Are…?

  • Tired of hating their bodies

  • Over following a diet rule book

  • Sick AF of obsessing over food and calories

  • Done trying to navigate through the endless fuckery of conflicting nutrition advice

What if there was a proven method to nourish your body and mindset without feeling guilty or like you’re in food solitary confinement – where you can feel balanced and energized, weigh what you want and find freedom from food and body hell…

Would you be willing to let go of all the food and dieting drama and commit to putting in the work for a totally different approach?

Empowering You to Discover Nourished Freedom and Body Love


Nourish Not Punish

This 6-week online transformational coaching journey takes you from feeling hopeless and obsessive around food and your body to feeling empowered and confident.


Are You Ready To:


Reject the Rule Book

Peel back the layers of negative and restrictive bullshit advice and kick those rules to the curb. Flip the script and say “deuces”.


embrace your fierce beauty

Stake claim on your mind and body. Learn to embrace your fierce like Queen Bey right now. Haters gone be jealous with your next level confidence.


know yourself

Nourishing your body isn’t just about knowing what to eat or how much, it’s about owning who you are and honoring that deeper connection.


thrive with the elite 3

Learn my simple, science-based nutrition method that allows you to ditch food drama, live in balance, reach your weight goals and feel energized.


Started from the bottom

Knowledge is power. We’ll unfuck all the nutrition confusion and build a solid foundation that help you navigate through the bullshit and set you free.


Live Mindfully nourished

Finding food freedom and body love isn’t just about what’s nourishing your body, it’s also about navigating through shit storms with an arsenal of skills that will set you up for lasting success.


But Here’s The Truth…

The relationship you want with food and your body is 100% possible.

… You just have to put in the work to get it.

I’ve got you every step of the way, but I can only coach you so far. You’re gonna have to commit to yourself and this process.

I promise you this…it’s totally worth it. Because you are totally worth it.

It’s time to believe that loving yourself is possible.


I’m Mandi Knowles.

Registered Dietitian and Lover of Craft Beer.

And I get you. Because I was you.


You’re in luck, I have answers.

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